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Beneath the Palermo Airport terminal is a railway station, called Punta Raisi, that passengers can access via escalators and lifts. Trains link the airport to Palermo Centrale, the central train station, and Palermo Notarbartolo station, which lies in the north of Palermo at Piazza Matteo Boiardo. A trip to Central Station takes around 1 hour, the one to Palermo Notarbartolo takes ca 58 minutes. A ticket for both stations costs 5.90 euros one way (price as at 2019

From the arrivals hall it takes about 11 minutes to walk the 900 meters down to the platforms. Trains leave at 27 and 42 minutes past the hour for both stations. Palermo's central train station is at Piazza Giulio Cesare in the historic city, close to many tourist attractions and hotels.

Connecting trains between Central Station and Palermo Notarbartolo take 17 minutes, a single ticket between the two stations costs 1.50 euros per person. Trains run every 30 minutes on the half and full hour.

Passengers for other destinations beyond Palermo have great choices, as the city connects to most parts of Sicily. Trains to Agrigento for example leave Palermo Airport at 27 minutes past the hour, arriving 3 hours and 20 minutes later in Agrigento. Passengers need to change once, at Palermo Central Train Station, where trains leave for Agrigento at 43 minutes to the hour. A single ticket costs from 13.20 euros per person.

Castellammare del Golfo is a very popular tourist destination due to its imposing castle and lovely churches. Trains leave the airport at 42 minutes to the hour, taking ca 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive in Castellammare del Golfo. Passengers need to change once at Piraineto, where trains leave for Castellammare del Golfo 25 minutes past the hour. A single ticket cost from 7.30 euros per person.

Cefalù is also a very popular destination for Sicily's visitors. Trains leave Palermo Airport (station Punta Raisi) every 27 minutes past the hour. It takes ca 2 hours and 7 minutes to arrive in Cefalù, changing once at Palermo Central Station. There trains leave 38 minutes to the hour for Cefalù. Tickets for a single journey cost from 10.90 euros per person.

Trains for Trapani take around 3.5 hours to arrive. They leave the Punta Raisi station at Palermo Airport 42 minutes to the hour. Passengers need to change at Piraineto Station. Tickets cost from 12.90 euros per person.

Long-distance connections to other Italian cities are also available. For example, there are services to Milan Central Station and Milano Nord Domodossola train station. The whole trip takes between 15 and 17 and a half hours, using regional, Intercity Overnight and Frecciarossa trains. One way tickets cost around 200.00 euros per person. Connecting trains leave several times a day, for example at 5.27 pm, arriving at 11.05 am the following day, or at 05.42 am from Punta Raisi, arriving at 9.25 pm the following day in Milan. It takes three changes to get there: at Palermo Central Train Station, then at Naples Central Station and again at Milan Central Train Station - finally the train arrives at Milano Nord Domodossola.

Travelling from Palermo Airport to Naples takes between 10.5 and 12 hours, depending on which trains are in use (mostly Regional and Intercity trains operate on this route). Ticket prices vary greatly, and can be anything from 70.00 to 90.00 euros per person for a single trip.

Trains leaving Punta Raisi at Palermo Airport at 05.42 am arrive in Naples at 4.15 pm. Only one change is required at Palermo Central Station. Trains leaving Palermo Airport's Punta Raisi station at 7.27 pm arrive in Naples the following morning at 7.23 am.

Regional and Regional Veloce trains operate the Palermo Airport to Catania route. Tickets cost 17.30 euros per person one-way, leaving Palermo Airport's Punta Raisi station every two hours, for example at 12.27 pm, 2.27 pm, 4.27 pm and 6.27 pm. The trip to Catania takes ca 4 hours and 5 minutes, changing once at Palermo Central Station.

Prices as of 2019.