NOLEGGIARE Car Rental at Palermo Airport

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NOLEGGIARE Car Rental at Palermo Airport
NOLEGGIARE Car Rental at Palermo Airport

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NOLEGGIARE Car Rental Services at Palermo Airport

The rental station of Noleggiare at Palermo Airport is open for business from 8.00 am to 11.30 pm every day of the week, and can be contacted by phoning tel +39 091 866 9674. Reservations can be made online using the form above. With Noleggiare it's possible to arrange for after-hours drop-offs, too, so there's no worry about getting back the vehicle while the rental station in the terminal is still open.

Noleggiare vehicle choices at Palermo Airport include the Fiat Panda, Fiat 500 and the Ford Ka, affordable Economy vehicles just right for exploring Palermo and surroundings.

Noleggiare is one of many companies providing rental cars at Palermo Airport.

A little further afield, around 125 km to be precise, lies the important wine country of Sicily that has produced the famous Marsala wines since the start of the 19th century. Wine tastings and tours of the historic cellars are popular – some wineries even have their own museums and collection of historic vintages that span some 40,000 bottles or more. Traditionally made from Catarrato, Grillo, Inzolia and Damaschino grapes, Marsala wines continue to evolve and win prizes. They complement many Sicilian dishes, not to mention cheeses like the strongly flavoured Gorgonzola. Wineries Donna Fugata ( Cantine Florio ( and the historic winery of Carlo Pellegrino ( all offer tastings and tours. The latter winery has been producing Marsala wines since 1880.

Olives and grapes have long been among Sicily's most important trading treasures, and over the centuries many wars have been won and lost because of Sicily's agricultural riches. The Regional Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi in Marsala displays one of the most amazing finds ever made in the region: a Punic warship that sank most likely during the Battle of the Egadi Islands, which happened during the First Punic War in 241 BC. The battle was fought between the Carthinigians and the Romans, who won in the end, taking over Marsala. Discovered in 1971, the hull of the warship now stands proudly near the entrance of the museum.

Marsala's museum is part of the Archaeological Park of Lilybaeum, the name the town carried in Antiquity, when the Romans arrived. But the area has seen human occupation since Prehistory, and excavations are continuing to unearth amazing finds from Sicily's past.

If you are thinking of hiring a car from Noleggiare Palermo Airport, Marsala is about one hour and 48 minute drive from Palermo, taking the E90 and A29dir routes.

Where is the NOLEGGIARE Rental Desk at Palermo Airport?

Office is located inside the arrivals terminal. Pre-Registration: To save time at the rental desk, FREE pre-registration is available for your rental and can be done on the following link -

Map of NOLEGGIARE rental desk at Palermo Airport

What are NOLEGGIARE Opening Hours at Palermo Airport ?

Day Open Close
Monday 08:00 22:29
Tuesday 08:00 22:29
Wednesday 08:00 22:29
Thursday 08:00 22:29
Friday 08:00 22:29
Saturday 08:00 22:29
Sunday 08:00 22:29

The NOLEGGIARE Rental Desk at Palermo Airport is located at:


Palermo Airport, Località Punta Raisi, Palermo, 90145

Tel: + 39 0918669674 / (+39) 0918680510

Rental Desk Location: In Terminal

Both the vehicle and hire desk/counter are located inside the terminal.

What rental cars are available from Noleggiare at Palermo Airport?

The rental cars available from Noleggiare at Palermo Airport are:

What are the cheapest rental cars available from Noleggiare at Palermo Airport?

The lowest priced rental cars from Noleggiare at Palermo Airport per category are:

What automatic car rentals does Noleggiare offer at Palermo Airport?

Noleggiare offer the following automatic cars:

What manual/stick-shift car rentals does Noleggiare offer at Palermo Airport?

Noleggiare offer the following manual/stick-shift cars:

What petrol car rentals does Noleggiare offer at Palermo Airport?

Noleggiare offer the following petrol cars:

What is the fuel policy when renting a car from NOLEGGIARE at Palermo Airport?

Code Description
FULLFULL Fuel: Pick up and return full.

*Some companies may offer alternative fuel policies on request.

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Car Brands Available to Rent from Noleggiare at Palermo Airport

Noleggiare has 29 different types of vehicles from 26 manufacturers available to hire at Palermo Airport.